Sunday, 12 December 2010

She wore blue velvet...

I'm always saying "oh I'm not into films" to people whenever they ask me what films I like. I find it incredibly boring to be in someones company and spend the time silent watching a movie or an entire series of a tv programme. However I've recently discovered that i AM into films. just not new ones. Ive got a major obsession spawning at the moment for David Lynch. I've only seen Blue Velvet and Lost Highway but man are they worth a watch. That man is crazy. I need to dig out more of his stuff. I'm even writing my mahooosive essay on him.
We've been watching a few oldies in Film studies class recently and granted - ive not enjoyed them all. In fact i HATE mellodrama but Lynch... now he is a director I can get on with. along with Hitchcock who needs no explaining there.
I am happy to have discovered a love for at least SOME films in the world. I cannot abide new releases but still have a little thing for horror films - old or new.
Its got to be a quick post, I'm off to an accoustic session at the Yard Bird for a few drinks and a Sunday night chill.

Over and out.

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