Saturday, 19 June 2010

Migranes and Mumpyness

Tommorrow is Mootie's birthday yay! Mother dearest deserves the best and I hope we've got her the lovliest things she can imagine!

Feeling like a poo poo platter this evening. Managed to get a cold (probably from the local leisure centre's manky sauna) and just not feeling particularly good. Remind me to never work in a pub EVER. Both my boyfriend and sister have/are experiencing this and they treat you like utter crap. Like I said in my previous blog. Work should be simple. I want to know when I finish and I want two days off to chill. End of.


GotmyLush goodies yesterday, I am yet to try the cleanser but I'm excited at the thought! Got a foot scrub which dyed my fingers green which was interesting. This post is wearing thin already, I ca sense it. I will write proper reviews of these products when I've used them all and can type coherently and non-depressingly.
I also want to start on shopping reviews of beauty products. I'm bored with just witty anecdotes of my day. I'll either keep this up or start a new one with a different theme!
Over and out x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Yummy Smells & Scrubbing Softly

Well what a loverly day. I've been making spelling cards to help a wee girl sound out words that shes struggles with and it was more fun than I thought it was! How sad am I? But overall lovely classes and I cant wait to get into teaching. I've never been majorly ambitious. Sure I'd love to travel amd see things but work-wise I want it to be simple, helping people and with lots of holidays! Makes sense! Plus it looks like lots of fun besides all the paper work everyone keeps telling me about.

I just spend £20 on Lush's website. I dont know what came over me I dont usually buy these things online but I really cant be arsed to get to Oxford to get to my nearest shop. Problem solved and squeaky clean skin promised!

I'm getting mother's old Raliegh shopper out later, still not managed to find my dream bike for a reasonable price baaaah :( I'll let you know how my bike hunt goes! I'd love to have a cycling holiday on the Isle of Wight soon so I want to invest in a pretty bike with a basket! (see previous blogs and pictures for my obsession with finding my dream Dutch bike:)

Ta for now!x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cheesecake & Broken Wrists

Why does school bring out the worst in people? I'm sure whoever invented schools didn't picture a building of pure frustration and mayhem when he (I'll assume it was a 'he')layed the first brick.

I cringe when I think back to things I did and said at school. If i saw myself now as a child at secondary school, doing the job I do now I would probably refer myself for counselling. I must have had issues, I was rude and have a sharp memory of throwing an apple in a girl's eye. No, I didnt like her much, but I couldnt be adult about it and ignore her, I had to throw an apple in her eye. Stil dont like her to this day but I feel awful for doing that! Not quite sure why but my apple throwing arm was possessed!

There are kids now that I've seen lovely sides of and also their worst. It depends on the lesson they are in, surely this is wrong? How are there still teachers that wind a class up and lead the noisy ones into trouble? This affects their whole life and I'm not sure school is treated as seriously as it should be. It shaped me in many ways, with my temper, and my ability to completely cut people out of my life to never think about them again. I dont just say it I can do it with ease. Or should I say I COULD do it with ease.

Due to recent changes in the family and university etc I've changed my outlook on life a lot. I give people a chance, I dont think everything si out to get me and that everyone is 99% asshole. thats just a bad attitude. I feel I have shed my bad attitude and feel alot lighter for it. School, I know influenced my bad bits a lot and I can really see it as I go back there every day and see bits of myself in kids that I work with. Scary stuff but its good for the soul.

That's all folks, bit deep for a Tuesday night hey? Maybe its because I turned 21 on Thursday... God I hate Tuesdays, its just a funny old day!

Bye for now lovers!