Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Closing doors & Opening new ones

Yesterday I finally found closure in something that has been bugging me. Yes it hurts but I feel so much better this morning about it. Today is a new day.
I am going to spend the whole day writing my essay and possibly tweaking my short story for assessment. It's always the way. I worry too much about the essay that I hardly put any effort into my short stories which is a shame. I'm going to try and juggle both. The fact that I'm enjoying the research for this essay is a good sign at least!
Christmas is coming up and I've never felt so stressed in my life. I think when youve got a boyfriend or girlfriend the stress seems to double. Now you have to see two lots of people and squeeze the visits into the short christmas break you have. Now I have three weeks off over chrsitmas. A 4000 essay to write. A short story to create. My sister's birthday. My boyfriends family and of coursemy own family to fir it. I dont resent seeing my own family at all. I love them and would spend a month there quite happilly. Its just the thought of organising it all that makes my stomach ache and sink. Along with this I agreed to work three days which totally messed up the plans to see the inlaws oops. Why is it sucha big fat mess for one bloody day of the year? I just want to see my family, go home and stuff my face. It should be so simple! I never wanted to be part of the masses who get stressed over the festive season but it seems compulsary!
Must get on and create a masterpiece. I will post my short story up here when it's done.
Love and festive smiles!xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

She wore blue velvet...

I'm always saying "oh I'm not into films" to people whenever they ask me what films I like. I find it incredibly boring to be in someones company and spend the time silent watching a movie or an entire series of a tv programme. However I've recently discovered that i AM into films. just not new ones. Ive got a major obsession spawning at the moment for David Lynch. I've only seen Blue Velvet and Lost Highway but man are they worth a watch. That man is crazy. I need to dig out more of his stuff. I'm even writing my mahooosive essay on him.
We've been watching a few oldies in Film studies class recently and granted - ive not enjoyed them all. In fact i HATE mellodrama but Lynch... now he is a director I can get on with. along with Hitchcock who needs no explaining there.
I am happy to have discovered a love for at least SOME films in the world. I cannot abide new releases but still have a little thing for horror films - old or new.
Its got to be a quick post, I'm off to an accoustic session at the Yard Bird for a few drinks and a Sunday night chill.

Over and out.