Friday, 1 April 2011


Gutted is not the word. It doesnt fully express how completely let down I feel by a company I thought was different. I lost my job last Friday. The guy in charge of recruitment let me and my friend (another part timer) go with only a week's notice. Which neither of usworked might I add. This is a small but flourishing company that I had made plans with after uni. I have finished my lectures and obviously need something full time and after speaking to the guy who owns it he said he was "very keen" to talk about this. Two weeks later I'm gone. No financial security and no means of getting a flat. I have two months to recify this. To think that I might be working in a cafe with an English degree hurts a lot. Especially because I had discarded my PGCE interviews in light of this new hope. This is quite unlike me to put all my eggs in one basket which shows how unaware I was of the impending circumstances. I am sad to be leaving a few friends I made and to be back at square one when I smugly thought I had a plan unlike many UK graduates.

Back to square one. How I am going to leap onto square two I have no idea.

Over and out.