Thursday, 23 September 2010

Eat it up!

Sipping fancy cocktails and listening to the enchanting voice of Eliza Little as she sings about JLS at the charming Island Bar is just what the doctor ordered on a rainy Thursday night. Chilling out on a squishy sofa with mates along with fantastic music at a reasonable price is what Eat it up Presents is all about. Ant, Amy and Josh set the group up themselves with the ambition of bringing great bands and artists together in appealing venues around Birmingham. Sometimes it is easy to get drawn into the fun bright lights of the city and spend your nights at the same night clubs with the same playlists every week. But, if you want a change it is difficult to know what else is out there however Eat it Up provides the perfect nugget to fill this gap.
Not sticking to a particular genre, the gig I attended was a quiet acoustic night but the guys tell me they have put on lively rock nights and buzzing indie gigs too with lots more planned for the coming year to look forward to. Ant has his own personal aims within the group and says “I like the thought of sharing music gems I’ve found and really enjoyed with everyone else.” Amy agrees “I’m not into nightclubs, the only place I’ve found in Birmingham to cater to my tastes is the O2 academy, but we want to showcase other acts and provide a great night.” And I can honestly say I had a fabulous night. I went on my own to meet the guys and was welcomed into a friendly atmosphere and saw some great artists. One that stood out in particular was Tom George who hushed the whole room into a silence and performed with no microphone creating an atmosphere that prickled... until the barman dropped a glass...
There’s a lot more on this small team’s agenda for the year ahead and I think you’d be missing out if you didn’t check out their goings on. It sounds like they’re plotting and planning some really good nights. The gig I attended was declared as their most successful yet, and it can only get better from here.
You can join their facebook page and keep tabs on their whereabouts and where they will be holding their next gigs. There are rumours of the Victoria and the Island Bar again, which if you haven’t been there already I highly recommend for yummy concoctions and live music events. Plus cocktails are half price before 8pm on weekdays so what are you waiting for? Get your student butts down there and enjoy!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Greetings & Hola

Well I guess I have had a summer break from this bad boy as well as everything else. I wanted to use my three months off to totally chill and I think it has been achieved! I have just got back from visiting Spain. We stayed in Calella and also saw Barcelona for the day. It was a great break, no chavs and not too many old people. Come to think of it, hardly any English people which I think made the week fabulous. Nothing worse than hearing Terry and Sheila arguing over a mojito. It's all happening guys, I am off to Scotland with Chris for eight nights. I am on the edge of my seat! Four nights in Edinburgh, then four in a wee place called Perth, which is the perfect location to explore the beautiful countryside and dalwhinnie, where all the best whisky is made! I'm so excited, always wanted to go up to the land of the Scots. My mum is from Aberdeen and I cant believe I've not been up that way before. Everything is grand in boo-land at the moment so I'm very happy. Written a few bits for Spaghetti Junction, should be applying for my PGCE very soon and generally feeling fabulous.
Will now keep this up to date as I am out of my summer cocoon!

So long, fair well... aufweidersehn goodbyeeeeee!